Bible Reading Day 84

by markburlinson

Day 84 – Luke 4:1-32

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Good morning!
Today we see the authority of Jesus and learn the source of that authority. Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit after His baptism (pray that for all those who were baptised yesterday). Then the Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness and for forty days He is tempted by the devil. Luke records the exchange at the end of that forty day period, where the devil tempts Jesus first with appetites – “turn these stones into bread,” then with authority – “I will give you all these kingdoms,” and finally with power – “jump: He will order His angels to protect you.”

Of course Jesus has nothing to do with any of these temptations, unlike every human who ever lived! Jesus responds with “it is written” – quoting the Word of God to overcome temptation. Remember that Jesus is the Word of God, and that when we receive Him, His word abides in us. So we can resist temptation too!

The resistance to temptation gives Jesus greater authority – verse 14 tells us Jesus returns to Galilee full of the Holy Spirit, and in Nazareth He reads from Isaiah’s Messianic prophecy and declares ““The Scripture you’ve just heard has been fulfilled this very day!” Notice, though, that authority does not necessarily mean that we are accepted – the townspeople reject Jesus because they have too small a view of Him. “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?” So Jesus reminds them that throughout the Old Testament God has often gone to the outsiders, rather than the insiders. When they try to mob Him and kill Him, He simply walks through the crowd. That qualifies as authority in my view!

Finally Jesus goes to Capernaum, where His authority is recognized by those who don’t know Him as “just Joseph’s son”!

So notice that Jesus refuses to give in to the temptation to take what is rightfully His (authority) and thus grows in authority! There’s a lesson here for us; it reflects what Dominic talked about yesterday. We can’t gain anything of value by our own effort, but only through relationship with God. Let’s submit to His timing today, tell Him we trust Him, and ask for the grace to resist temptation.
Have a great day!

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