Bible Reading Day 85

by markburlinson

Day 85 – Luke 4:33-44

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Good morning!
Today we see Jesus ministering in the authority that we discussed yesterday. He surprises many in the process.

First Jesus surprises the powers of evil. A man with a demon started shouting at Jesus, presumably to frighten Him away, but it was the demon who was surprised, when Jesus ordered it out of the man. That authority surprised the crowd, who were not expecting such power along with the synagogue teaching! As often happens, this demonstration of power caused the fame of Jesus to increase – until there is revival in Galilee.

When Jesus goes to Simon’s house, he is asked to heal Simon’s mother-in-law who is sick with a fever. The fever is no match for Jesus, and she is soon up and serving them a meal! That led to the whole village bringing their sick (as soon as the sun went down because that day was the sabbath and work such as carrying sick people to Simon’s house was not permitted until sundown). Everyone was surprised as Jesus healed every sick person, and freed those troubled by demons too. The demons were no doubt surprised too, not expecting to be defeated so soon. Luke records that they knew Jesus was the Messiah, so they must have known their end was in sight, but to be ejected immediately was not in their plan!

Finally there is another surprise as Jesus tells the crowds that He will not stay there, but instead will move on to preach in other places. This surprises us too – we would have found it much more attractive to stay there and build a solid reputation for miracles that would draw ever larger crowds, but Jesus is following His Father’s plan, which is for everyone to hear the good news of the Kingdom of God. Miracles are a great way to verify the power of God, and often to arouse interest in God’s will, but hearing the Word of God is even more important than being healed or set free. 

Jesus meets needs so the needy can meet God. What are your needs today? God wants to meet you through them!
Have a great day!

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