Bible Reading Day 86

by markburlinson

Day 86 – Luke 5:1-16

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Good morning!
Today Jesus calls His first disciples. Very early in His ministry He begins to invest in others. First He calls Simon to help Him with a need. The crowds are pressing in and Jesus needs to be heard, so Simon takes Jesus out on the water in his fishing boat. From a short distance out on the lake Jesus can speak to a much larger crowd as the water reflects His voice, acting like an amplifier. After having Simon help with the need, Jesus goes a step further, and freaks Simon out with a demonstration of God’s power!

It is interesting that, at the point of acting on God’s instruction, Simon explains to God why the instruction won’t work! Have you ever done that? God prompts you to do something supernatural (speak to a stranger, or meet a need secretly, or pray for a need in someone else’s life), and you take a few minutes to politely explain to God that it won’t work? “We’ve fished all night and caught nothing.” 

Well, this may surprise you, but I don’t believe God minds you and I explaining to Him why His instructions are impossible! Provided we follow Simon’s example and go on to say “nevertheless, at Your Word I will…” It is at the point of obedience that the miracle happens, and we are amazed! Notice that the miracle impacts not only Simon, but His friends onshore too. They are all amazed, and Simon starts to confess his sin! When God shows up in power, we are all changed. These fishermen, although they had just made the biggest catch of their lives, willingly left it all behind and followed Jesus. That is a miracle – ask any fisherman!

Next, Jesus moves from many fish to one outcast. Leprosy was a slow death sentence in those days; instant exclusion from society, self-imposed rejection from shouting “unclean” to everyone you meet, followed by a gradual disintegration of the body, starting with the extremities. Lepers were the lowest of the low and their plight was irreversible. Yet one leper had the courage to say to Jesus “If You are willing, You can make me clean” – he had faith in God’s power, but was uncertain of God’s will. Jesus quickly reassured him about the will of God – “I am willing, be healed.”

Jesus was always surrounded by crowds for a reason – He loved them and had the answers to their needs. Yet He also took care to be alone with His Father regularly. It was Jesus’ obedience to His Father’s will that released all the miracles, just as Simon’s obedience led to the miraculous catch of fish.

What is God saying to you? What reasons can you give for God’s Word not to work? He IS willing, and is ready for you to say “nevertheless, at Your Word I will….”

Why not spend a few moments listening to Him this morning so you can obey His instructions and see amazing things happen?
Have a great day!

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