Bible Reading Day 89

by markburlinson

Day 89 – Luke 6:27-49

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Good morning!
Easter Saturday: today we continue in the Sermon on the Plain. As with the Sermon on the Mount, we can call this Jesus’ Manifesto (except He isn’t standing for political office, and He has already won the seat of eternity – at the right hand of the Father).
I encourage you again today (as I have repeatedly as we read through the gospels) to read with new eyes. Let the enormity of Jesus’ words surprise you again, as if you were hearing them for the first time. See how counter-cultural Jesus is (both in His own time and in ours today). So much of what Jesus is teaching us to do is the opposite of human nature, the opposite of what evolutionary theory demands, the opposite of what the religious teachers of the day were proposing, and the opposite of what we read and see in the media in the 21st Century. 
So the challenge we each have today is: will we listen (verse 27)? And will we obey (verses 46-49)? Jesus is Lord, and arguing with His teaching is not an option available to us. We can reject it, seek clarity on it, or accept it, but not adapt it to suit our own opinions. The fruit of our lives (verses 43-45) depends on the choices we make when the words of Jesus confront our human wisdom. What will you choose today?
Have a great day!

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