Bible Reading Day 91

by markburlinson

Day 91 – Luke 7:31-50

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Good morning!
I hope you had a Happy Easter! And thank you to all those who have mentioned to me that you find these emails encouraging or useful.
In yesterday’s email we concluded with Jesus referring to John the Baptist. Luke recorded for us that already there was a gulf between the religous leaders and the crowds. The crowd thought John’s ministry was wonderful, while the leaders would not embrace anything that did not come from them (and thus rejected John).
Today, Jesus addresses this ambivalence as He compares the religious leaders to those who can neither be comfortable laughing or mourning. They reject John for being too ascetic, and Jesus for being too inclusive.
Interestingly, Luke then records for us a dinner party served by one of those religious leaders! Presumably the Pharisee was uncomfortable with Jesus in his house, because he omitted the customary greeting of foot-washing (a true welcome in a society where transportation was on foot along dusty roads).
During the meal, a woman known to be a sinner came in and washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and anointed them with expensive perfume. That would have been her life savings, her 401k. And she willingly gave it to Jesus. 
In response Jesus challenges the Pharisee about who loves more: the one who is forgiven little, or the one who is forgiven much? Of course the message hits home – the Pharisee is being careful with his love (presumably for fear of what his fellow religious leaders will say if he is too friendly with this threateningly popular rabbi). In contrast the woman, who knows she is unworthy and is past caring what others think, gets the greatest benefit because she is lavish with her love.
How about us? Are you aware of a lack of love in your life? How aware are you of the forgiveness God has given you? Let’s take a moment today to reflect on how much we are forgiven, and see the result in our loving!
Have a great day!

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