Bible Reading Day 92

by markburlinson

Day 92 – Luke 8:1-21

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Good morning!
Today we see Jesus begin a teaching tour, and it would be easy to miss something radical about Jesus in Luke’s description. To us there is nothing unusual about having women in the group, but that was an almost revolutionary concept in Jesus’ day. Jesus took the disciples to show them what He did and to teach them by example. 

First Jesus teaches about scattering seed; the fruit is dependent on the soil the seed falls on. Later He explains to the disciples that the seed represents the Word of God, and the soil is the hearts of His hearers. The reason Jesus teaches in parables is because these teachings are only accessible to those who have teachable hearts. All others simply hear a story, and miss the teaching application.

So today, how teachable are we? Can the Word of God find a deep, fertile place in my heart and bear fruit? If so, the light of God will shine in my heart, and that light must shine publicly. Those who listen to Jesus’ teaching will grow in understanding, while those who will not listen to Him lose even their limited wisdom. Let’s be hearers, and doers of God’s Word – that shows us to be members of his family.
Have a great day!

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