Bible Reading Day 95

by markburlinson

Day 95 – Luke 9:37-62

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Good morning!
Today’s reading has a large number of events recorded, and the common theme among them all is confusion, or confrontation.

First, the man is confused because the disciples cannot heal his son, then the disciples are confused by Jesus telling them He will be betrayed. Shortly afterward the disciples are arguing about who is the greatest when Jesus contradicts them, confusing their worldly assessment of value, by placing a child in their midst. Next the disciples (apparently trying to do something right for a change) tell someone to stop casting out demons in the name of Jesus because he’s not in their group. Again Jesus confounds their logic by telling them “Anyone who is not against you is for you.” Then the Samaritan village rejects Jesus because He is on His way to Jerusalem, so the disciples think it is a good plan to call down fire from heaven, but Jesus contradicts them yet again. And finally Jesus challenges three different people who have their own plans about following Him on their own terms. In each case He uncompromisingly confronts them with the truth of what it is like to follow Him.

Throughout these verses, it becomes as clear as day that following Jesus is not easy; on top of that Jesus often sees things very differently than His followers do (and also differently from how we would see them).

The conclusion I believe Luke intends us to reach is that we can be sure our Savior knows best, because He is Lord. Additionally, we must beware of following Jesus on our own terms or with our own assumptions. His ways are higher than our ways and we can only truly follow on His terms.

As we reflect today, may God show us clearly where He is pleased with us, and equally clearly where we need to turn away from our own plans and embrace His.
Have a great day!

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