Bible Reading Day 96

by markburlinson

Day 96 – Luke 10:1-24

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Good morning!
After confusion and confrontation yesterday, we begin today with multiplication. Jesus sends out 72 other disciples with instructions to bring in the harvest.
Since these are the “no-names” the strategy will apply to us too!
The plan is simple, and interesting; not what the church has taught about outreach traditionally.
We offer God’s peace wherever we go, and look for the people who want what we have.
By contrast, traditional outreach models have taught us to push what we have to everyone (whether they want it or not)!
Just looking for those who want God’s peace seems so simple, almost a cop-out, but Jesus commands it, and when the 72 no-name disciples tried it, they came back jubilant!
Multiplication at work!
And that gladdens the heart of Jesus, who returns thanks to His heavenly Father. Why not make His prayer your own today?
Have a great day!

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