Bible Reading Day 100

by markburlinson

Day 100

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Good morning!
Happy Hundredth Day!


Today’s theme is “Live Transparently, Live Contentedly.”

As the crowds grow to massive proportions, Jesus warns His followers not to be contaminated by the hypocrisy and facade of the Pharisees. In order to cement their false power they put on a show, hide their weaknesses or faults, and threaten those who do not agree with them. Jesus reassures the disciples that this form of power is ultimately no power at all. True power rests with God and so the safest strategy is to live transparently before God. This path is also free from worry.

Jesus then goes on to show how this simplicity can flow over into other areas of life, such as our attitude to money and possessions. The parable of the rich fool is simple and clear – it is almost insane to devote your life to accumulating stuff, rather than living for eternity, yet most of us live that way for much of our lives!
Ultimately the question is one of trust; trusting God leads to simplicity, contentment, and joy. It gives God joy too!

Today, I pray that God will speak simply to each of us about any priorities that have become distorted. Whether I am focused too much on getting, or worrying about the future, or perhaps trying to consolidate my reputation or influence at the expense of my relationship with God, may God draw me back to Himself with loving words of truth.

Have a great day!

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