Bible Reading Day 102

by markburlinson

Day 102 – Luke 13:1-21

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Good morning!
Contrasts and challenges today! Of course that is no surprise with Jesus!

First, Jesus challenges the crowd (who think that those who were murdered by Herod were somehow deserving of their fate). His message is that we ALL perish unless we repent. 

Next there is an unusual parable – the barren fig tree. Let’s remember that a parable is a story “tossed alongside” a life experience to make a teaching point. In this case, the primary point of the story is that there is time for the tree to bear fruit, but the time is limited. So also for Israel at that time – God was looking for spiritual fruit and would not wait forever. Same for us too; how can I bear fruit for God? Not from fear of being cut off, but in response to His generous input to my life.

Then we have a strong contrast between the heart of Jesus for the needy, and the insistence of the synagogue leader on conformity to human regulations about approaching God. Jesus is clearly on the side of the weak, the isolated, and the forgotten. And in truth the religious leaders were too – they would attend to the basic needs of their animals on the Sabbath, yet they refused to consider the needs of the poor and sick.

And that leads us to two more contrasts: The mustard seed is tiny, yet it grows into a huge plant. The tiny yeast cells cause leavening in a whole pile of dough. In both cases the challenge is that the Kingdom of God is often invisible, yet the result of the Kingdom over time is a huge impact. Let’s not accept that we are too small to make a difference! Start with the basic needs of those God loves, and watch what He will do!
Have a great day!

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