Bible Reading Day 104

by markburlinson

Day 104 – Luke 14:1-24

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Good morning!
Today we have four stories connected by a meal. First Jesus is eating dinner at a Pharisee’s house on the Sabbath, and He heals a man after asking the religious leaders if it is lawful to heal on that day. They refuse to answer, and so Jesus heals the man anyway!

Secondly Luke records the attitudes of those at the dinner – all trying to manipulate their way to the head of the table. Jesus addresses this pride and urges them to choose humility instead. There is a poignancy to Jesus’ comment “For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” He must have known that before long He would submit himself to the most extreme humbling, yet He also knew that the result would be exaltation!

Thirdly, Jesus speaks with the host, and urges him to show hospitality to those who cannot repay, because then God will repay him in the life to come. Clearly God’s plan for promotions and rewards is a little different from ours.

Finally, Jesus tells a story to show us that many who are invited to God’s feast have excuses for why they can’t come. In response God does two things – He makes sure that those who decline the invitation do not get to taste the feast, and He invites all those who would never expect to be invited, so they can enjoy His lavish generosity instead. What a contrast – that those who have much already would forego God’s fullness, while those who know they have little of nothing get to enjoy all that God offers!

Let’s be aware of our unworthiness today, for just long enough to come to God when we are invited, and enjoy His lavish love! 
Have a great day!

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