Bible Reading Day 106

by markburlinson

Day 106 – Luke 15:1-10

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Good morning!
Today we reach one of my favorite chapters in Luke’s gospel. Today and tomorrow we will read about examples of finding what is lost. The context is that of the religious people condemning Jesus for associating with the “bad” people – the lost people. Jesus tells three stories to teach us that God cares about the lost, that God is in the finding business. Let Him find you this morning!

First Jesus tells a story about a sheep. There are 99 good sheep who don’t wander off (which still labels the religious elite as sheep, which is hardly complimentary!). Then there is one sheep that goes astray. We all know that sheep – a child, a parent, a relative, a colleague, a friend. The one who just can’t seem to stay with the flock, but insists on going their own way until they are lost. Well – there’s good news this morning: God goes after those lost sheep with determination, and carries them home! And there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety nine “holy” people who don’t.

And secondly, Jesus tells about the woman who has lost a coin. What a master story teller Jesus is. Have you ever known a woman who lost something and was determined to find it? Perhaps you have been that woman yourself? There is no force more powerful in all the universe!! And God feels the same way about the lost. Some commentators say the ten coins represent the woman’s dowry or life savings. The implication is that part of Jesus’ inheritance is missing until the lost are found, and God is determined to find them!

Maybe you have known what it is like to be lost? God will not rest until you are found. And the same applies to those you love – are they missing in action? God is seeking them!
Have a great day!

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