Bible Reading Day 107

by markburlinson

Day 107 – Luke 15:11-32

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Good morning!
Yesterday we saw God’s passion for the lost to be found – in stories about a sheep who got lost, and a coin that a woman misplaced. Today the story goes to another level, because the lost one is a son, and he wanted to be lost!
I have to be careful because this is perhaps my favorite parable, and I could write a very long email about it! Instead, I want to let God speak to you personally, so I will limit myself to a few thoughts. I suggest you read the passage first, and then let these thoughts interact with whatever God shows you personally.
First, the Father is very loving (like God Himself).
Second, the younger son feels his dad is the roadblock to his self-determination, and wants the dad out of the way (v12 has the son saying “Dad, I wish you were dead”).
Third, there is an older brother who looks right on the outside, but is just as lost as his younger sibling.
Fourth, there is always a consequence to us rejecting authority from our lives. The younger son ends up in the pig pen, the older brother ends up in a hissy fit.
Fifth, the father waits for love to bring the sinner home. He does not take matters into his on hands, but allows God to work in the boy’s heart.
Sixth, there is rejoicing whenever we return to our heavenly Father’s arms.
Seventh, it is easier to restore a wasted life than a twisted heart. The Pharisees (the older brothers) were in much more trouble than the sinners (the younger sons).
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Have a great day!


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