Bible Reading Day 108

by markburlinson

Day 108 – Luke 16:1-18

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Good morning!
After the rich parables of the past two days, we come to a story Jesus told His disciples that undermines another aspect of the Pharisees’ religious monopoly: they loved money, and used their interpretations of the Law of Moses to make sure they received, and kept, as much money as possible. The parable of the shrewd manager is a little unusual at face value, but we can learn the truth Jesus intends if we remember that a parable is designed to make one point, to teach one truth. To take every detail of a parable and make theology of it, would be a great mistake!
First let’s rule out a few things Jesus is NOT saying today: it’s not OK to cheat your boss, it’s not OK to bribe people to like you, and it’s not OK to be fickle, saying and doing one thing one day, and another the next.
Jesus tells us the lesson He is teaching us in this parable: Use your worldly resources to benefit others and make friends (v9). And the result of doing that is that eternity will welcome us. What has God given you, and how can you use that for the benefit of others, rather than just yourself?
When Jesus concluded His teaching by saying “You cannot serve both God and money” the Pharisees scoffed at Him, and He in turn told them the truth: God knows your hearts, and the worldly honor system you follow is repulsive to God. The Kingdom of God is clearly portrayed as vastly superior to the old covenant law, even while the law is fulfilled by the principles of the new covenant.

It is so much greater to live in Jesus than to try to find God by your own effort through keeping laws.
Have a great day!

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