Bible Reading Day 110

by markburlinson

Day 110 – Luke 17:1-19

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Good morning!
Temptation, forgiveness, and faith are all addressed in today’s excerpt from the teachings of Jesus. Luke records how Jesus starts out by teaching His disciples about the widespread sources of temptation, and that it is a terrible thing to be guilty of tempting another. He goes on to urge them to be accountable to one another: “If another believer sins, rebuke that person; then if there is repentance, forgive.”  In other words we have a duty to one another to point out sin and aid in repentance. Jesus says this is to be a repeated pattern, up to 7 times a day! This of course causes the apostles to be amazed (as we would if Jesus told us to do that)! 
They respond “Lord increase our faith!” But Jesus shows them that forgiveness is an issue of obedience, not of faith. Faith is small, yet powerful, while obedience is our duty as Jesus’ followers. It seems so simple, yet so hard, doesn’t it?! It all comes down to who is on the throne. If I am simply a servant, I have no problem doing as I am told.
Finally, Luke adds the account of ten lepers being healed. Only one returned to thank Jesus for this miracle, and he was a Samaritan (read Al-Quaeda member for an equivalent in today’s society). It is interesting that Jesus credits the leper’s faith as the source of his healing, because he clearly was trusting Jesus to heal him – so much so that he returned to thank Him.
What are you thankful for today? Whatever God has done for you recently, it is your faith that made it possible. Maybe you have more faith than you thought?!
Have a great day!

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