Bible Reading Day 114

by markburlinson

Day 114 – Luke 19:1-28

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Good morning!
Jesus is moving inexorably closer to Jerusalem and the final week of His life. Today He enters the town of Jericho and meets Zacchaeus. Remember the camel and the eye of the needle yesterday? Well here’s a “camel” who is going to thread the needle!
First, Jesus  reaches over the barrier that keeps Zacchaeus away – the rejection he experiences as a tax collector (and a short person!). Then Jesus lets Zacchaeus minister to Him. And then, as others grumbled and judged, Zacchaeus gets saved (at least by the definitions Jesus has given us earlier in the gospel). His salvation is evidenced by his actions; restitution for his sins and prioritizing the poor. Jesus affirms his salvation, and says “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Who is lost in your network of relationships? Can you see Jesus seeking them? How can you cooperate with His agenda to seek them and save them?

The second half of our reading challenges several assumptions. It is the parable of the ten servants (similar to other parables Jesus told, recorded in the other gospels, such as the parable of the talents). Firstly this parable challenges the assumption that the Kingdom of God would come when Jesus reached Jerusalem. That was an attractive thought to Jews who had been under pagan oppression for many years. The possibility that Jesus would ride into Jerusalem and overthrow the Romans, restoring a Jewish Kingdom again, was like water in the desert to them. To challenge this assumption Jesus makes clear that the nobleman goes away for a significant time before returning.

Secondly the parable challenges the assumption that God deals with us all equally. He loves us all unconditionally (and therefore equally) but He does not give us all the same level of responsibility in this life. There is a quote from Rick Warren being shared widely on Facebook at the moment which echoes this parable: “It’s no sin to have a small church, it’s a sin to have a small vision.”
How would you characterize the level of responsibility God has given you? How are you stewarding that for the growth of the Kingdom?

Have a great day!

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