Bible Reading Day 115

by markburlinson

Day 115 – Luke 19:29-48

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Good morning!
Today we begin the culmination of Jesus’ ministry on the earth. The final week of His life begins with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Sending the disciples ahead to collect a donkey, Jesus fulfils the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9 and also indicates that His kingship is not military (kings usually rode a horse), but humble and bibilical.

It is almost time for the Passover, and Jesus knows He is to be the ultimate Passover Lamb, dying to atone for the sins of the whole world. When the crowd uses words from Psalm 118 to praise Jesus, it is confirming His Messianic role. If you have time, read the Psalm with the understanding that it refers to Jesus dying for us. It is truly wonderful that God would capture these words in the scriptures to affirm for us what Jesus is about to do.

The Pharisees are indignant – as Bible scholars they too understand the significance of the words from the Psalm. They tell Jesus to silence His followers, but Jesus is moving purposefuly toward fulfilling His mission on earth, and He tells the Pharisees that silencing the followers would be a waste of time, because the stones would cry out!

As Jerusalem comes into view, Jesus is moved as a priest and a prophet. Burdened for the widening gap between the people and God, He weeps and longs for them to know the way to find peace. Moved to prophesy, He declares what will happen instead – Jerusalem (the place God chose to dwell on earth) will be besieged and destroyed. What a poignant critique of their stubbornness: “You did not accept your opportunity for salvation.”

This first day in Jerusalem ends with Jesus clearing out the merchandising at the Temple, where opportunists had turned the freedom of worshipping God into the oppression of materialism and the robbery of dishonest transactions. Jesus is fully committed to each person being able to come to God with no obstructions and no hindrances. How does that speak to you today?
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