Bible Reading Day 116

by markburlinson

Day 116 – Luke 20:1-26

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Good morning!
Today, Luke records several aspects of Jesus’ final days teaching in the Temple.
First the religious leaders try to threaten Him: “Who gve you the right to teach?” Their assumption is that they control the right to teach in the Temple, and so they have the right to shut down Jesus” teaching. Jesus is not threatened by control; he responds by asking them who gave John the right to baptize. This caught them out in their hypocrisy, because they did not accept John’s authority either, but (like Jesus) he was accepted by the people. When they say they don’t know where John’s authority came from, Jesus tells them He won’t tell them where His authority comes from either.
Next Jesus tells another parable about a landowner who goes away before returning to deal with the consequences of trusting others with his business. This time the tenants murder the son of the landowner, thinking they will gain control of the farm, but the owner reclaims his property and the evil tenants are killed.  Of course the religious leaders are the evil tenants in the story – given responsibility for God’s people, but wanting all the power and authority for themselves. They are furious and want to kill Jesus but they are unable to do anything because they are afraid of the people. How ironic that seeking power for ourselves often results in us becoming powerless, because we turn our backs on the true source of power – God Himself.
Finally, the religious leaders try to trap Jesus once more, sending spies to ask Him whether it is lawful to pay taxes to Caesar. If the answer is yes, they will accuse Jesus of complicity with the Romans, and if it is no, they will have a charge to bring against Him with the Romans. Instead Jesus separates the two issues, asking whose head is on the coin and telling them all “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar (the money with Caesar’s likeness on it), and give to God what belongs to God (the life of each human being with God’s likeness on it).”
Have you ever reflected on the fact that you are more valuable than any coin, because you are minted in God’s likeness, and you belong to Him?
Have a great day!

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