Bible Reading Day 117

by markburlinson

Day 117 – Luke 20:27-47

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Good morning!
We continue with the account of the last days of Jesus teaching in the temple. Yesterday we saw encounters with the Pharisees, today the challenge comes from the Sadducees.

The Sadducees, elitists who would only accept the written Word of God and not oral teaching, refused to believe in the resurrection because it is not mentioned in the Torah. They make up a challenge to catch Jesus, where a woman is married to seven brothers one after another, following the law of levirate marriage set out in Deuteronomy 25:5-6. Asking whose wife she will be in the resurrection, they believe the answer to be “there is no resurrection so there is no problem.” Interestingly, Jesus doesn’t just correct them, He uses the scripture to prove them wrong. He takes the only authority they accept, and uses it to demolish their human reasoning. When Moses (the father of the written law) writes that God describes Himself at the burning bush as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph, he is proving that those men, long dead, are alive to God – there is a resurrection because God is the God of the living, not the dead!

Then Jesus adds another strike against the Sadducees by asking a question Himself: how can the Messiah be the son of David when David calls the Messiah “my Lord?”

The Sadducees have no answer to that, not can they answer the accusation that follows: in their elitism and pride, they have created a religious system by which they elevate themselves, yet that same system abuses the people and takes advantage of them.  Jesus ends His accusation by saying that their pretension will be severely punished.

What a contrast for us in this passage: the elite religious people facing severe punishment for their proud self-serving, while the Son of God who only does good to others will shortly be falsely accused and brutally murdered. Thank God there IS a resurrection, and we will be part of it!

Have a great day!


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