Bible Reading Day 118

by markburlinson

Day 118 – Luke 21:1-19

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Good morning!
Today we draw nearer to the climax of Jesus’ final week. In His last hours teaching He tells what will come; and as with much of prophecy there is an immediate and a future fulfillment.

First Jesus points out a poor widow whose offering seems insignificant: in His eyes it is the biggest offering of all, because it is all she has. By contrast the rich and powerful give a small portion of their excess, which costs them nothing. This in itself is a prophetic observation, because it foreshadows Jesus giving everything on the cross; that seems like a small offering in comparison to the enormity of humanity’s sin, but to God it is the most significant offering of all.

Then Jesus goes on to prophesy the end of the Temple (which was fulfilled in 70AD), together with the signs of the end of the age (when Jesus returns). Notably He tells us that people will claim to be messiahs, but they are false, and that the end will come after the false signs. He also warns the disciples of a great persecution (which is recorded in the Book of Acts) but He reassures them that not a hair of their heads will perish (even though He tells them some of them will be killed!).

The Kingdom of God is so much greater than the kingdoms of this world. Even if powerful people persecute us, or kill us, they cannot take away the eternal life we have with Jesus. This life is a rehearsal – eternity is our stage!
Have a great day!

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