Bible Reading Day 119

by markburlinson

Day 119 – Luke 21:20-38

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Good morning!
This morning we read the second half of Jesus’ prophecy about the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the age. With overlapping focus He describes accurately what tookplace in AD 70 when the Romans conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple, together with events that are still to be fulfilled when Jesus returns and the Kingdom of God becomes the only Kingdom.
Two sentences stand out to me from these verses:
So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for your salvation is near! (v28)
In the same way, when you see all these things taking place, you can know that the Kingdom of God is near. (v31)
Both refer to our outlook and our focus when trouble surrounds us and it seems that the places God has been seen before are being destroyed. That is how life is these days, and Jesus commands us to look up, stand, and know that the Kingdom of God (our salvation) is near.
Stand in Him today!
Have a great day!

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