Bible Reading Day 120

by markburlinson

Day 120 – Luke 22:1-30

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Good morning!
The careful account that Luke writes for us to be certain of what we believe reaches the core of the story in the next few days. Today the Passover feast is approaching; the day when atonement was made for the sins of Israel. On this Passover, a greater atonement would be made: Jesus would be the sacrificial lamb, crucified for the whole world. 
After Judas agrees to betray Jesus, Luke records the details of the Last Supper. Jesus gives specific instructions to Peter and John, who find everything as Jesus said. Luke does not tell us if this is a miracle, or if Jesus had made arrangements in advance, but Jesus tells the disciples how eager he has been to eat this meal with them. After the meal, He institutes the Lord’s Supper (communion) by adapting and re-interpreting elements of the passover meal. Interestingly, Jesus then tells them that one of them is a traitor (after offering the communion to them all) and the disciples question which of them would do such a thing. Yet then they go on to argue about who is the greatest! I am always amazed at Jesus’ patience with His followers; He corrects and teaches, but never condemns. 
You and I are also recipients of that patience, because He is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world, and has given His body and blood as a sacrifice confirming a new covenant between us and God.
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