Bible Reading Day 121

by markburlinson

Day 121 – Luke 22:31-53

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The end of the Last Supper shows us Jesus warning Peter that he will betray Jesus, and warning the disciples to be ready to defend themselves since He will be “counted among the rebels” (a quote from Isaiah 53:12). He reminds them how He provided for them before, but tells them He will be taken from them.

Then they return to the Mount of Olives, as they have every night since Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. During His agonised prayer the disciples fall asleep, but others must have been watching to report these moments to Luke. It is likely that the disciple John Mark (who wrote the first gospel account) was one of those present and observing the scene. (See the comments on Day 74 for Mark 14:51).

Then Judas arrives with the crowd from the religious leaders, to betray Jesus. Even in this moment of betrayal and arrest, Jesus is in command: when Peter cuts off the ear of the High Priest’s servant, Jesus commands that the fighting stop, and heals the man. He then exposes the evil motives of the religous leaders, asking why they did not arrest Him in the Temple (which would have made the people rise up in favor of Jesus). These evil doers prove their true nature by operating in darkness as evil always does.

And so the greatest drama in human history moves into its final act, and we complete the first third of our journey through the New Testament.
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