Bible Reading Day 122

by markburlinson

Day 122 – Luke 22:54-71

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Good morning!
A mockery of justice.

Today Luke records the first trial of Jesus – before the Jewish High Council. It is a mockery of justice, with no witnesses, and only one accusation – “You are the Messiah.” Their only goal is to get Jesus to say He is the Messiah (the truth) so they can have Him executed for blasphemy to protect their own religious power. It is evil of the worst proportions, yet God is achieving His purpose through it.

Along with the hypocrisy and self-serving deception of the High Council, Peter is having his own moment of  self-protection, betraying Jesus in a more minor way by failing to stand with Him (just as Jesus predicted). This sin was followed by almost immediate repentance as the rooster crows and Peter goes out weeping.
No repentance from the religious leaders though: tomorrow we will see Jesus dragged before Pilate and sentenced to death. How amazing that God works His purpose out in all our lives despite the sin that so easily entangles us!

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