Bible Reading Day 126

by markburlinson

Day 126 – Luke 24:1-35

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Good morning!
Today, we join the women of Galilee at the end of their period of enforced waiting. You remember that their preparations for embalming the body of Jesus took them until after evening fell and the Passover Sabbath began, so they were forced to spend their Saturday “resting” (which will have involved no work, since they were observant Jews, but will not have included much relaxation!).

Early Sunday morning they go to the tomb at first light to attend to their task. Imagine ther surprise when the stone over the doorway to the tomb is rolled away. They go in but the body is not there. They are puzzled and confused, but suddenly two men in shining clothes appear and ask them why they are looking for the living in the place of the dead! When this puzzling phrase is explained to them, the women remember what Jesus said, and run to tell the disciples. 

The disciples too find this unbelievable, but Peter does go to the tomb, and finds no body. He too goes home in confusion. It seems from Luke’s account that nobody has a view of the events that allows them to understand. But in resurrection life as in human life, Jesus is patient! On the road to Emmaus (seven miles journey from Jerusalem), two of Jesus’ disciples meet a man they don’t yet recognize. It is Jesus but their grief blinds them to this fact.  After a conversation which MUST have been repeated as their all-time funny story afterward, they are corrected on their Bible knowledge by the stranger, and then invite him to eat with them. It is at the meal where Jesus does something so familiar that their eyes are opened and they finally recognize Him.

Then Jesus disappears (He has other appearances to make and hearts to change) and they rush back to Jerusalem (equivalent to running from CCC to the Intracoastal waterway)! There they find the eleven, plus the others with them, and finally the story is getting some traction – from the early morning shock of the women from Galilee, to this late night discussion, everyone is beginning to get the message: JESUS IS ALIVE!
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