Bible Reading Day 127

by markburlinson

Day 127 – Luke 24:36-53

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Good morning!

We are entering the second day of reading about the resurrection day. Jesus has surprised the women, and the disciples on the road to Emmaus, now we read the next appearances of the resurrected Jesus to the disciples. The two who were walking to Emmaus had returned to Jerusalem with their account of Jesus breaking bread, and as they were telling the others Jesus appeared with them. 

They were frightened (another historical detail that shows the authenticity of Luke’s research), so Jesus first reassures them, then shows them His scars, and finally asks for a piece of fish to eat. Their fear turns to joy mingled with disbelief, showing us how utterly revolutionary the resurrection was to them all. 

Then Jesus teaches them how this day fulfills the scriptures, and promises them the Holy Spirit to empower them to proclaim the good news of the resurrection to the world. The Great Commission – according to Luke.

And finally Jesus leads them out to Bethany, where He blesses them and ascends into heaven. Their joy is now complete, and they worship on the way back to Jerusalem and continue to meet in the Temple praising God.

And so Luke concludes his account of the life of Jesus, leaving us with a group of joyful disciples waiting in Jerusalem. He will continue the story with the birth of the Church in his second book (which we call the Book of Acts). But first we will hear from the Apostle John. His gospel will be our reading from tomorrow.

But for today, let’s join the disciples and praise God for the resurrection!
Have a great day!

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