Bible Reading Day 128

by markburlinson

Day 128 – John 1:1-28

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We have completed three of the four gospels. Matthew, Mark and Luke are referred to as the Synoptic Gospels (synoptic means “seen together”). They share a common viewpoint and often repeat stories told in one or both of the other synoptic gospels. The common account is that Mark was written first, and Matthew and Luke both used Mark as a reference, but wrote for different audiences.

Here is a chart that shows the inter-relationship of these three gospels:

John’s Gospel is altogether different. John, the disciple Jesus loved, was the closest disciple to Jesus. Perhaps as a result he is also the most mystical of the four. Luke’s second volume is the Book of Acts (as we mentioned yesterday); John’s second volume is the book of Revelation! (John also wrote three letters, or epistles, which are included in the New Testament).

So today we begin with the Prologue to John’s Gospel – the introduction that sets the scene. You can tell at once that the language is very different to anything we have read in Matthew, Mark, or Luke. These first 18 verses are almost a theological statement as much as they are a declaration of good news. Jesus is described in these verses as “the Word,” “the light,” “the Word become human,” and “the unique one.” John tells us that this unique one (Jesus) is God (verse 18) and that He is near to the Father’s heart. He has revealed God to us.

Then John goes on to describe the ministry and impact of John the Baptist. John (the baptizer) is prophetic (fulfilling scripture) and fearless (challenging religion). He is also humble, with a clear sense of identity. All these traits are valuable for anyone wanting to make way for Jesus to change lives (and the world!).

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