Bible Reading Day 130

by markburlinson

Day 130 – John 2

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Good morning!
Today Jesus has arrived in Galilee, and he is invited to a wedding. There is much humor in the story of what happens when the wine runs out: jokes can be made about Jewish mothers, servants knowing more than the guests, and so forth. But the key point John is making by telling us this story is that Jesus revealed His glory through this miracle. We usually think of miracles as healings, deliverance, calming storms or raising the dead. What is unusual about this miracle? How does it reveal Jesus’ glory? And what does that mean to you? The disciples believed when they saw the miracle; what has God done in your life that helps you believe?

Soon after, Jesus returns to Jerusalem for the Passover celebrations. This time of year is a significant one for Him; in a couple more years He will be crucified at Passover. On this first visit, He goes to the Temple where commerce and dishonesty are taking advantage of those coming to worship. Jesus clears out the money changers and sellers of sacrifices, and the disciples connect this with the Messianic prophecy from Psalm 69:9.

The religious leaders demand a sign from Jesus to authenticate His ministry (in reality they are placing conditions on Him in an attempt to restrict Him). The sign Jesus offers will be fulfilled at the future Passover, when the resurrection will raise up the Temple (His Body) that the religious leaders have destroyed. Notice how Jesus connects and fulfills the scriptures (the Old Testament) and the New Covenant of love that He has come to usher in. It is misguided to focus on contradictions in scripture – and better to seek to reconcile them through looking closely at Jesus.

Let’s be impressed with what Jesus does, just as the crowds were on that first Passover visit to Jerusalem!
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