Bible Reading Day 134

by markburlinson

Day 134 – John 4:31-54

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Good morning!
Yesterday’s reading ended with Samaritans streaming to listen to Jesus, because a notorious woman said “He told me everything I ever did – could this be the Messiah?”

The disciples then had an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to miss the point. Naturally they were concerned to give Jesus some of the food they had obtained from the town, especially since He was being mobbed by inquiring Samaritans. But Jesus tells them “I have a kind of food you know nothing about.” “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing his work.”

Jesus is looking at the hunger of the villagers, and seeing God’s will being done as they come to faith. That is far more satisfying than any meal! Jesus also demonstrates His disregard for human traditions: Jews were forbidden to stay in Samaria, or to have anything to do with Samaritans, yet Jesus stays in the village for two days! He is willing for His plans to be modified by the needs of those around Him. There is truly nobody that God does not love, and He is always drawn to anyone who is seeking Him, whether they have made the right life choices or not.

After this, Jesus continues with His plan to go back to Galilee. John reminds us that Jesus had said a prophet is not honored in His home town, yet He is welcomed now, because the Jews from Galilee saw His miracles and heard His teachings in Jerusalem. There is always a tension when Jesus performs miracles to show the Kingdom of God is at hand: some seek Him only for the miraculous power, and not for the peronal transformation of the life of faith. Jesus is not afraid to challenge people about this, as He does with the government official from Capernaum. The challenge is enough to shift the man’s focus from wanting Jesus to come and perform a miracle to trusting Jesus for the healing simply on the strength of His word. And the miracle happens just as Jesus said it would. What a testimony that family now had!

So three examples of testimonies in today’s reading – the woman at the well inviting all her village to hear Jesus, the villagers saying “now we believe for ourselves, not just because of what you said” and the government official knowing that his son was healed at the very hour Jesus said he would be healed.

What has Jesus done in your life, that you can testify about?
Have a great day!

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