Bible Reading Day 135

by markburlinson

Day 135 – John 5:1-24

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Good morning!
Today we see another miracle, and learn the secret to how Jesus performs miracles! All in just 24 verses!

Jesus returns from Galilee to Jerusalem, for one of the holy days, and sees a man by the Pool of Bethesda who is sick, but has no faith that he can be well, because he thinks the water moving is what heals (and he can’t get there before someone else steals the blessing). This is a typical, mistaken view of God – that He is limited, and that miracles are therefore scarce. Such a viewpoint is revealed by a mentality that finds reasons why healing cannot happen. But Jesus is not hindered by our small view of God, or any theology that excuses our lack of power; He just says “stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!”

Then the man who has been healed gets in trouble with the “religion police” for breaking the sabbath. This is typical of religion – to miss rejoicing over a miracle because it breaks our human tradition. How pitiful.

Then Jesus finds him in the Temple and tells him to stop sinning lest something worse than his sickness happen to him (namely to be separated from God by sin and then death). In other words, it is important to seek healing, but even more important to receive salvation.

Of course, the religious leaders attack Jesus for breaking the Sabbath (as if the Sabbath were more important than God). Jesus replies by giving an insight into the way He performs miracles. “The Son can do nothing by Himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him everything he is doing. In fact, the Father will show him how to do even greater works than healing this man. Then you will truly be astonished.”

So the miracles are simply obedience to the Father! Jesus is shown what the Father is doing (which is how He picked out one sick man from among the crowds at the Pool of Bethesda), and then He does what the Father is doing. In this case He tells a man to stand up and walk, disregarding 38 years of history that say he can’t walk! If God is doing it, history will change to comply with God’s activity.

What a challenge to you and me! How would it look if you could see what God was doing in the lives of those around you? See the sick healed, see the blind seeing, see the oppressed set free, see the afflicted restored? If you can see what God is doing, you can do what God is saying!

Finally, I suggest you read the last few verses (21-24) and reflect on how Jesus would personalize them to you today. 

Have a great day!

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