Bible Reading Day 136

by markburlinson

Day 136 – John 5:25-47

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Good morning!
Jesus is still talking to the Pharisees and religious leaders. He clearly does not accept their authority since their judgment of Him is at odds with the instructions and direction He is receiving from His Father. Despite the truth being on His side, there is no trace of pride in Jesus’ words; He simply says what is true, and leaves His opponents to wrestle with the consequences.

It would be easy to read rejection into Jesus’ condemnation of the Pharisees, but I think it is just as valid to read these words as compassionate and loving. Jesus is simply telling the truth. It is the religious who unleash rejection: first they reject Jesus because He doesn’t fit their system, then they experience rejection themselves as a consequence of their choices.

Jesus tells us that the Father testifies about Him, and that we must hear His voice if we are to believe. The honor that comes from God is far more valuable than honor from others. What does God want to say to you today: about Jesus, and about you?

Have a great day!

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