Bible Reading Day 137

by markburlinson

Day 137 – John 6:1-21

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Good morning!
Today’s reading forms a powerful contrast to yesterday’s, where Jesus was speaking truth that contradicted the Pharisees and confounded their opposition. Today we see Jesus with His disciples, and the crowds of regular people who followed Him to hear His teaching. And where Jesus is welcome, miracles happen!

First the crowds listen to Jesus and then He teases His disciples by asking where to buy food for them all. There is a playfulness to John’s account of this miracle that highlights how much fun Jesus is! So after Phillip and Andrew have both declared their inability in the face of the enormous need, Jesus takes the inadequate, gives thanks to God, and makes it more-than-adequate! With a little imagination you can see the joy and laughter that resulted! And there is enough left over for each disciple to have a full basket each.

Jesus is clearly in control of the situation, because 5000 men decide to make Him King by force, but Jesus slips away into the hills. When He doesn’t return, the disciples get back in their boat and head back to Capernaum (their ministry base). Remember, many of these guys are fishermen; they know how to handle a boat on the Sea of Galilee. They are struggling to row in a storm, and have covered three to four miles, when Jesus walks up to them on the water. They are terrified, not by the wind and waves, but by their friend walking toward them on a stormy lake! It is easy to overlook the significance of the miracle that John records: as soon as they let Jesus into the boat, they arrive at their destination! For the third time that day the disciples are asking themselves “How does He do that?” (first the food, then walking on water, and now supernatural transportation).

How about you – what does Jesus want to take hold of in your life? Does He want to make the inadequate more-than-adequate? Or come to you in a storm? Maybe His plan is to fast-forward you into your next step?
Have a great day!

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