Bible Reading Day 138

by markburlinson

Day 138 – John 6:22-44

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Good morning!
Yesterday Jesus walked on water to meet up with the disciples; today the crowd left behind, who thought Jesus must still be around, realize He’s gone. Because they have seen miracles and had a good lunch, they pile into all the remaining boats and follow Him to Capernaum. When they find Him they ask “when did you get here?” (meaning “HOW did you get here?!)
Jesus turns their surprise into a teaching moment; correctly identifying their motive (free food) and telling them “don’t waste your effort on food that goes off; work hard for food that gives everlasting life – given by the Son of Man” Naturally their next question is “How?: what do we do to get in on that?” But Jesus answer makes them hesitate. They are not ready to throw their lives into Jesus’ hands yet!
But when Jesus describes the true bread from heaven, clearly superior to the manna God gave the Israelites through Moses, they all want in on that. Jesus explains how aligning our lives with Him gives us everything God provides. He also points out that they haven’t yet believed Him.
When we DO believe, handed over to Jesus by the Father, Jesus holds us firmly. We become part of God’s eternal picture, a kind of jigsaw of eternal life. Unfortunately this is too far for many of the Jews to go: to trust enough for the Father to hand their lives over to Jesus. Instead, they argue over who they know Jesus to be – the son of Mary and Joseph. Their faith is limited to their own knowledge; this is a mistake and Jesus tells them so.
True and full faith starts by listening fully to the Father, learning from what we hear, coming to Jesus, and then seeing the confirmation of what we have heard. The reason this works is because this is also how Jesus lived: hearing the Father and living out what He hears.
How is God speaking to you today, and what do you expect to see as a result? How can you (and I) avoid the trap of limiting our faith to our own knowledge?
Have a great day!

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