Bible Reading Day 139

by markburlinson

Day 139 – John 6:45-71

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Good morning!
This is a long chapter, isn’t it?!
Today Jesus picks up what He was teaching yesterday. The process of coming to Jesus because we hear what God the Father is saying, and then seeing the confirmation of what we have believed, is what the prophets promised. See Isaiah 54:13, Jeremiah 31:34, and Micah 4:2.
He goes on to highlight the difference between the bread in the wilderness and the true bread from heaven. Throughout this passage we see how John records the spiritual significance of Jesus’ teaching. Of course, at the time it was hard for His audience to understand as we do today.
Ideas like eating His flesh and drinking His blood make sense to us because we have seen the crucifixion and resurrection and we understand the teaching at the Last Supper that creates a symbolism for us from those teachings.
The second section of our reading (from verse 60) shows us that many of the disciples were offended, because they did not understand. Jesus knows that faith is a gift of the Father so it does not concern Him that some of them do not yet believe. Instead He draws a clear distinction between the gift of the Spirit (eternal life) and human effort.
After many disciples leave, Jesus asks the Twelve if they want to leave too but Peter speaks for them all when he says “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life. We believe, and we know you are the Holy One of God. ”
The closer you get to Jesus the more you comprehend the truth and the life He is!  
Have a great day!

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