Bible Reading Day 140

by markburlinson

Day 140 – John 7:1-31

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Good morning!
How do you handle setbacks and opposition? For Jesus, these were daily challenges. Yesterday we read about a setback; many of His followers left Him because His message hit too close to home. Today we see that He stays in Galilee because the religious leaders in Judea want to kill Him. Jesus is faithful to the Father’s instruction and direction, even when His own family can’t see the truth about Him.

After telling His brothers to go to the next Feast without Him, Jesus goes secretly, and is later seen teaching in the Temple. John continues to emphasize the contrast between the reaction of the religious leaders (who want to kill Him) and the people (who love His teaching, but don’t always understand or accept it).

Jesus tells us the key to understanding what he says: a desire to do God’s will, rather than our own, is what is needed. He calls this “looking below the surface” – indicating that God is at work on a deeper level than the natural mind can see.

But even the natural mind can see when miracles happen, and the crowd continue to be impressed with what Jesus does, even if they don’t understand the reason behind it.

What impresses you about Jesus?
Have a great day!

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