Bible Reading Day 143

by markburlinson

Day 143 – John 8:21-36

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Good morning!
When Jesus teaches truth from God to sinful humans, there is a gap between what He knows and what we can understand. Sometimes the truth He speaks is beyond our comprehension. That is certainly the case for the unbelievers who are listening to Jesus in today’s reading.
Notice, though, that when Jesus is lifted up (i.e. crucified), then unbelievers understand. Jesus underlines how He only speaks and acts in obedience to the Father’s will. That demonstrated obedience leads many to believe in Him. Perhaps the lack of faith in Jesus in society today is connected to the drift away from obedience to Biblical standards by many who claim faith in Christ?
Then Jesus goes on to apply the same principle of obedience to our relationship with Him. Verse 32 is one of my life verses; when I truly receive God’s revelation of truth, I am set free from my past hurts and failures; freed to live out my destiny. The religious people of Jesus’ day were trusting their tenuous family tree link to Abraham to save them. Since they all sinned they were slaves to sin. Now we can be brothers and sisters of The Son – living in the Father’s love securely forever. If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!
If you would like to think on this further, I suggest you listen to a series I recorded some years back, called “The Truth Will Set You Free.” It is available for free download here.
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