Bible Reading Day 144

by markburlinson

Day 144 – John 8:37-59

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Good morning!

Today our third, and final, section of John Chapter 8 sees the climax of the growing conflict between Jesus and the people over freedom. They think they are free because they can trace their descent back to Abraham, but Jesus knows they are slaves to sin who can never be free until they know the truth and the Son sets them free.
In this section the argument reaches a peak and, as is usually the case when an argument rages, words are spoken that reveal deeper motives and truths than before. Jesus tells them that they are children of the devil because they refuse to recognize the truth. They are so deceived that they will not change their own thinking when presented with God’s truth.
In verse 47 Jesus says “Anyone who belongs to God listens gladly to the words of God.” This is reassuring for us, that our willingness to hear what God is saying not only brings truth to our hearts (setting us free) but also confirms that we belong to God.
Jesus goes on telling them truth, including that He knows God but they don’t. And there is a clear revelation of His divinity when He declares “Before Abraham was, I AM”. Using the name of God is enough cause for these religious people, blinded by their tradition and the deception of their hearts, to attempt to stone Jesus for blasphemy. But he disappears (“Beam me up Scottie!”) and leaves the Temple.
Why not take a moment now and listen to God again – demonstrating your desire for the truth that sets you free, and affirming that you belong to Him?
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