Bible Reading Day 146

by markburlinson

Day 146 – John 9:24-41

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Good morning!
We continue our reading of the account of the man born blind. This healing caused a major disturbance, causing the religious leaders to become even more angry with Jesus.

Yesterday we saw what Jesus says about the man’s infirmity – not a penalty for sin, but an opportunity for the power of God to be seen. If only we could keep that attitude about every bad thing we come across!
The religious leaders are firmly in the “sickness is the penalty for sin” camp. They operate on a “tit-for-tat” basis and assume God does too. No wonder they are furious about the healing, especially when the man (who was clearly quite a character) starts teasing them for their lack of understanding.

Their response is the only one they have available – they exclude him from their religious “club.” But Jesus finds him again and helps him come to true faith – believing in Jesus through accepting His mission, rather than relying solely on miracles. The reason John gives us so much detail on this healing is because it  contrasts natural blindness with spiritual blindness. The sin is not in the life of the man born blind, but in the hearts of the Pharisees who will not accept the truth of what they see!
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