Bible Reading Day 151

by markburlinson

Day 151 – John 11:47-57

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Good morning!
After the resurrection of Lazarus, the plot by the Jewish leaders to murder Jesus was settled. They could no longer tolerate Him as a threat to their power. Perhaps the greatest miracle of Jesus’ ministry is met by implacable resistance and evil fury. In response, Jesus withdraws to a private place with His disciples. Don’t think this is an act of fear, though! It is more of a strategic retreat to prepare for the greatest battle which is still to come.

The people look for Him, but the religious leaders order that He must be reported if seen. The manhunt has begun!

To consider: what gave Jesus such courage in the face of death, opposition, and attacks? And what was it about Him that made Him so attractive to the people? 

One more thought – how can I be more like Him?

Have a great day!

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