Bible Reading Day 154

by markburlinson

Day 154 – John 13:1-17

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Good morning!
Today we embark on five chapters of John’s gospel that are perhap the most significant, because they are a detailed record of Jesus’ teaching and impartation to His disciples in the final day before the Passover, and His arrest and crucifixion. The final words of anyone are very significant, and all the more so when they are the words of the Savior of the World to His disciples. There will be much that God wants to highlight to us as we read – let’s purpose to read with open eyes and open hearts!
First we see Jesus wash His disciples’ feet: an essential task in that culture, where travel was limited to walking in sandals on dirt roads used by animals! Because this was such an upleasant task it was reserved for the youngest child or the servant of least status in the household. Jesus wants to show His followers a different way! Peter typically misunderstands, and is corrected both for his unwillingness to be served, and his desire for more blessing than necessary. He is such an enthusiast!
I wonder how Judas Iscariot felt? The devil had already prompted him to betray Jesus for money; his greed had already sealed his fate (and made certain the doing of God’s will in the crucifixion). I wonder if this demonstration of servant love touched his twisted heart at all? Or was he offended by this as he was offended by Mary’s sacrifice of expensive perfume? Be warned friends: guard your heart and resist covetous lies from satan – your future is too precious to waste it on some momentary “treasures” of this perishing world!

So the first great spiritual truth Jesus gives us in these five chapters is that He will willingly take the lowest place for us, and we are blessed if we do the same for others.

Have a great day!

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