Bible Reading Day 155

by markburlinson

Day 155 – John 13:18-38

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Good morning!

This is day two of our five chapters learning from the final teaching of Jesus to His closest followers. Again today we will see Jesus clearly managing the process of moving toward the crucifixion, fulfilling prophecies and teaching His disciples what they will need to know after His death.

First He predicts His betrayal, and identifies Judas as the betrayer to John (who describes himself as the disciple Jesus loved). Then Jesus instructs Judas to go and do what He is going to do. And Judas leaves, led by satan, to begin the betrayal.

After the betrayer has left, Jesus gives a new commandment to His friends – Love One Another. This is how the world will see that we are followers of Jesus – by loving one another just as Jesus loves us. That is a challenging commandment for us all, isn’t it? I suggest you reflect on this for a while; but don’t get discouraged! Let God show you how you can show love, and show others you follow Jesus.

Finally, Peter promises he will die for Jesus, but Jesus gently tells Peter the truth – he will deny Jesus three times before morning! Jesus knows our weaknesses, yet loves us completely. Let that be an inspiration to you today!

Have a great day!


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