Bible Reading Day 156

by markburlinson

CCC Daily Reading
Day 156: June 5 (John 14)

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Today we look at John 14, the second of five chapters that comprise the final teachings and instruction of Jesus to His friends, the apostles, before the crucifixion. This was one of my favorite chapters when I traveled with the message of Father God’s unconditional love, because here Jesus defines clearly that loving relationship with the Father that He enjoyed and shares with us.

This chapter is the last teaching of Jesus in the Upper Room, after the Last Supper, and concludes with the words “Come, let’s be going.” The remaining chapters of teaching (including Jesus’ prayer to the Father) take place outdoors on the way to the Garden of Gethsemane and in the Garden.

In the first half of the chapter Jesus teaches us to trust, tells us He is the way to the Father, and encourages us to know the Father for ourselves. When we do this, we can live as Jesus lived; where the words the Father speaks are the works we do. The section concludes with the promise that we will do greater works than Jesus because He goes to the Father.

Since that promise almost begs the question “how will this be?” Jesus goes on to promise the Holy Spirit to the disciples. With the Holy Spirit free to come, as a result of Jesus’ departure to the Father, the way is open for all three persons of the Trinity to come and be at home in each believer’s life. The Holy Spirit’s role is to lead us into the full truth of everything Jesus said and taught.

This chapter is so full of powerful truth! I suggest you go back and read it again, slowly, and see what God wants to point out to you today; in the knowledge that you could read it again tomorrow (and the rest of your life) and have God point out something different every time!

Have a great day!


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