Bible Reading Day 160

by markburlinson

Day 160: John 17

Good morning!

We have reached the final chapter of the five recording the last teachings and prayer of Jesus. This chapter is different from the other four because here Jesus is talking to God. What a precious legacy for us – to read what the Son of God says to His Father!

First Jesus prays for Himself – that God’s glory will be given to Jesus, returned to the Father, and seen clearly.

Next He prays for the disciples. As the prayer goes on, Jesus makes it clear that this prayer is not just for the eleven that He has befriended, trained, and designated apostles, but for all who will believe in Him through their message. If you look back to yesterday’s reading you will see that the mourning of the disciples will turn to un-shakeable joy when Jesus is raised from the dead. That message of resurrection is what brings every future believer to faith.

Today I suggest you position yourself to let Jesus pray John 17 over your life. Remembering that you are one who has believed in Him, let Him pray this prayer to the Father for YOU.

Have a great day!