Bible Reading Day 161

by markburlinson

Day 161 – John 18:1-23

Having completed His teaching and prayer, Jesus moves purposefully toward the fulfillment of His mission. Entering the Garden of Gethsemane with the disciples, He is met by the temple guards and Roman soldiers who are going to arrest Him. He steps forward and asks “who are you looking for?” John records an interesting snippet of information: when Jesus answers “I AM He” (using the name of God revealed to Moses) they all fall to the ground in acknowledgement of God’s presence. Jesus has to repeat His assertion that He is the one they are seeking, and He tells them to let the others go, to fulfill another prophecy.

Peter steps in at this point, thinking he is part of an overthrow of the Roman regime, and starts attacking. But Jesus stops Him and corrects him, saying He will drink the cup of suffering the Father has given Him.

That cup of suffering begins to be filled as Jesus is taken first to Annas, father-in-law of the High Priest Caiaphas. John gives us a detailed account of how he gains access to the inner courtyard and then gains access for Peter too, which is when Peter makes his first denial of Jesus. Inside the High Priest starts to question Jesus, seeking evidence to condemn Him. Jesus answers truthfully and in a manner which shines light on the unjust motives of the religious leaders, and then a Temple guard slaps Jesus across the face. Power and religion make a dangerous blend!

But Jesus keeps His composure to ask “If I am speaking the truth, why are you beating me?” I wonder if you have ever experienced injustice? It is very painful. Jesus endured so much for us. But now He has answers for any of us who have experienced injustice. Fighting for justice and revenge has no place in God’s heart. Instead He submits to terrible injustice for our sake. I hope that is an encouragement to you today.

Have a great day!