Bible Reading Day 162

by markburlinson

Day 162 John 18:24-40

Today the pressure grows on Jesus, as the unjust trial leads toward execution. Anna’s hands Jesus over to Caiaphas, as Peter denies Jesus twice more. Then the rooster crowed, reminding Peter of His failure. In the early hours of the morning, the Jewish leaders took Jesus to the governor’s palace.

Pilate has to go out to the Jews because their rules say they cannot go in on the morning of the Passover. Ironic that religion makes authority its servant! Pilate argues with the Jews, telling them to handle the justice, but they demand execution (which they do not have the right to impose). So Pilate begins to examine Jesus.

The interaction between the imposed ruler and the true King is very interesting. Jesus is clearly answering the questions in a way which will make Pilate consider His own heart, but Pilate is not ready to do this: “what is truth?” He replies. But clearly he is a man of justice.

He goes out to the people, told them Jesus is innocent, and offering to release The King of the Jews. However, they have been influenced by the religious leaders, and call instead for Barabbas (a revolutionary) to be released. Here is human nature in action: demanding a revolutionary while rejecting the King of the Universe.

So often we demand our own way! Yet in the midst of rebellion, God is at work! We will see more tomorrow, as history reaches its climax.

Have a great day!