Bible Reading Day 166

by markburlinson

Yesterday, with the account of the resurrection, John appeared to bring his gospel to a conclusion, but today we have one more chapter. As an epilogue, John gives us the account of Jesus restoring Simon Peter. As you read this chapter, notice the similarity with how Jesus called Simon (in Luke 5). Sometimes Jesus will repeat episodes or experiences in our lives for a specific purpose!

Notice how Jesus and John both use Peter’s original name along with the name Jesus gave him – indicating that Peter feels his betrayal disqualifies him for the foundational purpose for which Jesus called him. Perhaps that is why he went back to what he knew before Jesus called him. But Jesus has captured Peter’s attention with the repeated miracle. And then Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?” Not once, but three times, once for each denial! And with his final confession “Lord, you know everything, you know that I love you” Peter is restored and goes on to lead the church in Jerusalem.

And so John concludes his gospel, although we will read three of his letters later in the New Testament.

Do you know that God knows everything about you? Not for the purpose of exposing you or condemning you, but for the purpose of restoring you to relationship with him!

Have a great day!