Bible Reading Day 167

by markburlinson

Day 167 June 16 Acts 1
Today we begin reading Luke’s second book – The Acts of the Apostles (or more commonly, simply “Acts”). Remember how Luke wrote his gospel for Theophilus (a wealthy Greek whose name means ‘Lover of God’) to be certain of what he believed. Now Luke tells Theophilus that this book is a sequel. Writing from his background as a physician, Luke is thorough and diligent in recording this new chapter in the history of God’s dealings with humanity. We are going to see how Jesus’ death and resurrection transformed the way mankind relates to God.
It is interesting how Luke blends factual recording of the resurrection with first-hand accounts of Jesus’ conversations with the apostles, promising the Holy Spirit. After 40 days the promises and resurrection appearances end with Jesus being taken up into heaven. Here is another amazing event for the apostles. There have been few resurrections so far, and few ascensions too! God sends two angels to remind them that Jesus will one day return, but in the meantime they are to get on with their mission!

Returning to Jerusalem, they meet together and pray constantly, along with a number of women. In total there were about 120 of them. One day Peter stood up and suggested that they should choose a replacement for Judas as an apostle. There is great significance to the number 12 (tribes, sons of Israel) and Peter clearly feels this is an important step. After discussion, prayer, and casting lots, Matthias joins the 12.

Reflect today on how you came to be following Jesus, testifying to His work in your life. Can you see God’s plan at work in your life? I’m sure Matthias could, and God’s plan is no less significant for you and me.

Have a great day!