Bible Reading Day 168

by markburlinson

After adding a twelfth apostle, all the believers (about 120) were all together in one place (presumably the Upper Room where they were hiding). On the day of Pentecost (50 days after the Passover) suddenly there is a sound like a mighty rushing wind (think hurricane or tornado). However, this is not a natural disaster, but a spiritual breakthrough.

As the Holy Spirit came to fill each one, they saw visible evidence – tongues of fire on each one. And then they began to speak in other languages, enabled by the Holy Spirit. Clearly they are emboldened by the filling because they must have ended up outside. A large crowd is drawn by the noise, and they all hear these unsophisticated Jewish country men speaking in the languages of the world. Clearly they have never been to other nations, or learned these languages, but they are declaring God’s greatness in the hearing of people from many nations.

It is a sign of God at work when ordinary people are amazed and perplexed. Why not ask God to amaze unbelievers through you today?!

Have a great day!