Bible Reading Day 172

by markburlinson

Good morning!

Yesterday Peter and John were arrested for refusing to submit to human authority when it tried to suppress God’s activity. Today they return to the other disciples, and report what the religious leaders said.

Their first response is prayer; bold prayer asking for more boldness! They have reviewed the scriptures and they know that this raging of human rulers is part of the response that validates these events as God’s plan. So they ask God for more! Boldness in preaching, miraculous acts of God, more of the Kingdom of God here on earth. And God clearly answers that prayer affirmatively because the place where they are praying is shaken, they are all filled with the Holy Spirit (showing that this filling is to be continual and regular rather than a one-time event), and they become the answer to their prayers – preaching the Word of God with boldness.

Luke concludes this chapter with a second description of the lifestyle of the early church. How different from what we call church today! While some of their enthusiasm can be explained by the anticipation that Jesus would return at any moment, their lifestyle is still challenging and insipirational to us who follow Jesus two centuries later. What would happen if we began to love one another and love the outsiders the way these believers did?

Have a great day!