Bible Reading Day 175

by markburlinson

Day 175: June 25 (Acts 6)

Good morning!

As we read it is easy to forget how revolutionary the early church was; sharing everything, declaring the truth fearlessly and with great love, held in esteem and fear by non-believers, and focused entirely on obeying God. The early church grew by leaps and bounds, and quickly ran into problems.

The Greek speaking community complained against the Hebrew speaking community that their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution of food.

Now pause a moment and consider what this means: the church is providing for those in need. There is no record of when they began this, but clearly there was a need and they met it. Secondly, there are enough needy people that there are inconsistencies in the way they are served. Thirdly, the apostles don’t commission an investigation into the accusations; they simply invite the assembled believers to select a group of others to solve the problem.

And this is no committee of those who would rather serve food than do miracles. The seven selected are all described as full of the Spirit and wisdom. The result of their serving is that “God’s message continued to spread. The number of believers greatly increased in Jerusalem, and many of the Jewish priests were converted, too.”

One of the seven is Stephen who performed amazing miracles and signs among the people. This is clearly a man gifted by God for his role in the growing leadership of the church. And, in common with the apostles and the Lord Jesus, his reward is accusation from the religious leaders and lying testimony to fabricate a reason to eliminate him.

Yet notice what happens to Stephen as he is being accused: his faces shines brightly like an angel’s. This has been known as one evidence of meeting with God since the days of Moses.

So how can your practical giftings be a doorway to serving in great power, winning others to Christ, and demonstrating God’s love in supernatural ways?

Have a great day!